Monday, August 22, 2011

The media is as liberal as the corporations that own it

Posted by Mickey Z on 08/22 at 07:24 PM
  1. Absolutely beautiful, written with a passionate commitment to truth telling.
    In regard to Kissinger getting the Nobel Peace Prize, I remember a beloved aunt telling me at the time that she read that the main peace negotiator for North Vietnam commented afterwards that it was like giving a prize for chastity to a prostitute.

    Posted by Greg from Ohio  on  08/22  at  07:34 PM
  2. Thanks, Greg. Always nice to “see” you here.

    Posted by Mickey Z. from Astoria  on  08/22  at  07:41 PM
  3. Hi Mickey, Greg, and all…

    My favorite line
    “...Kill someone while wearing a uniform and you’re a hero…”

    We will go down in history as the nation that slaughtered kids - and THEN dehumanized them by calling it ‘collateral damage’.

    Posted by RMJ from Ward Churchill 4 Prez Hdqts  on  08/23  at  02:35 PM
  4. Hello Mickey, RMJ, Greg..., yes, and I’ve been trying to follow the Libya, NatoWood as someone has called it.

    Insanity, as much as I know these pre-barbarian beasts love to kill, I am still shocked by the bombing, the manipulation, the effort to lie, when lying is no longer necessary for the mongers are content with themselves as a pure shit. There is so much insanity of various varieties, it’s impossible to keep track of it all!

    Posted by Joe of Maine from The Window  on  08/23  at  06:35 PM
  5. Coming soon: World Bank loans to Libya.

    Posted by Mickey Z. from Astoria  on  08/23  at  06:37 PM
  6. Good mornin’ Mickey, Joe, and all…

    Joe...good point - “...lying is no longer necessary...”

    About the earthquake...anybody feel it? I was in the grocery store check-out line when an entire large shelf of canned goods came tumbling down.

    Posted by RMJ from Ward Churchill 4 Prez Hdqts  on  08/25  at  08:31 AM
  7. Hello RMJ...yes, I felt the tremors of the earthquake. Today, I’m listening to the roaring blue angels practicing for their show of stupidity while polluting the air and creating dangerous vibration levels.

    I made a number of phone calls to complain, however the people who answer the phones view the return of the blue angels as the return of elvis presley and jesus christ. I’m also not interested in either of them.

    One source felt fracking might have enabled this earthquake.

    Posted by Joe of Maine from The Window  on  08/25  at  12:18 PM
  8. Hi Joe...There have even been articles in my local paper about your blue angels.  Also, many are making the fracking connection. I don’t know about that, but I do know that people living near fracking sites have set the water coming out of their kitchen faucets on fire.

    I was just watching a tiny hummingbird. It went to each blossom on the impatient plant. There are hundreds of blossoms there. It is a big plant. The hummingbird never made a mistake and visited the same blossom twice. How’d he do that??? Did you see the news report about dogs who have a higher success rate at diagnosing lung cancer than doctors do? And what about the animals who knew that the earthquake was coming before the humans did???

    Posted by RMJ from Ward Churchill 4 Prez Hdqts  on  08/25  at  12:31 PM
  9. Finally…

    Posted by RMJ from Ward Churchill 4 Prez Hdqts  on  08/25  at  01:29 PM
  10. Hello everyone. Ready for the hurricane?

    P.S. A new post is up.

    Posted by Mickey Z. from Astoria  on  08/26  at  04:30 AM
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