Friday, August 19, 2011

How much more collective pain will we bear?

Posted by Mickey Z on 08/19 at 04:21 AM
  1. Good morning all…
    Nice story on the front page. I love stories that show the empathy of non humans (we could learn a lot from them).

    Yesterday there was a woman sitting by the side of the road. Her head was bowed. She held a sign that said: “STRANDED, BROKE, HUNGRY - ANYTHING WOULD HELP”

    An RMJ interview

    Posted by RMJ from Ward Churchill 4 Prez Hdqts  on  08/19  at  08:37 AM
  2. I like this, RMJ:

    Maybe one can’t love a country with a genocidal past… but in that case, the highest form of patriotism might be in working toward reparations for those who have been victims. An immoral or unjust act cannot be forgiven until amends are made. This is important for the victims but also for the victimizers. I like your point about getting past loving a geopolitical entity and loving ALL people. I often make that point in the book when I say that no one should be given any privilege because of the location of his mother at the time of his birth.

    Posted by Mickey Z. from Astoria  on  08/19  at  09:28 AM
  3. “War is the ultimate injustice, because it imposes Capital Punishment on those who have not been Tried or Convicted. Therefore, every Officer of the Court should be openly and actively opposed to war.”

    Love that line, RMJ.

    Posted by Charles from Jersey City  on  08/19  at  01:46 PM
  4. Thanks, Mickey and Charles.

    Charles, I like that line so much I put it on the back cover of the book. It was, in part, inspired by the actions of the Judge in my case. He wanted to follow the strict wording of the written law, and thus he ignored the true spirit of Justice for the victims of war.

    Posted by RMJ from Ward Churchill 4 Prez Hdqts  on  08/19  at  03:03 PM
  5. The images I had while reading about the Bear and her Cub were very disturbing and gut aching sad. I felt anger toward humans, as if I need more reasons.

    Posted by Joe of Maine from The Window  on  08/19  at  03:15 PM
  6. Hi all smile
    What would/do other animals think of humans? A pigeon won’t fly away from a magpie. A rabbit doesn’t run from a squirrel.
    What animals don’t run/fly/swim away from us? Mosquito?

    Posted by Rick (the Cartoonist) from England  on  08/19  at  03:28 PM
  7. excellent interview, RMJ....hello all.

    I saw this photo and felt the need to share it here:

    Posted by JOS from Logan Square  on  08/19  at  05:50 PM
  8. looks like it got cut can see the whole thing here:

    Posted by JOS from Logan Square  on  08/19  at  05:51 PM
  9. Nice story. I like your points about getting past a geopolitical entity and loving All people. My website

    Posted by Anupama from India  on  08/22  at  01:03 AM
  10. Thanks, all.

    New post up and running now.

    Posted by Mickey Z. from Astoria  on  08/22  at  07:26 PM