Saturday, June 04, 2011

Those crafty capitalists have a solution for everything

Exhibit A: “The melting of sea ice, for example, will result in more shipping, fishing and tourism, and the possibility to develop newly accessible oil and gas reserves,” says Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. “We seek to pursue these opportunities in a smart, sustainable way that preserves the Arctic environment and ecosystem.”

Exhibit B: India is building a 4,000-kilometer fence along its border with Bangladesh to, in part, hold back the inevitable mass of refugees who will flee when Bangladesh ends up submerged...due to climate change.

So you can get back to your texting; no need to worry. The wall is being built. Tourism is thriving. Problems solved..


Another of my recent photos:

Best. Pantsuit. Ever.


Poem: “haiku for frigidaire"

Posted on 06/04 at 05:12 AM
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