Thursday, April 28, 2011

"Darker Shade of Green": My new novel, my birthday event

My third novel (and 11th book overall), Darker Shade of Green, has been published by Raw Dog Screaming Press and can be ordered now

“Mickey Z has crafted a novel that is distinctive in both structure and message. Darker Shade of Green makes us question our assumptions on every level, and inspires us to action.”
Stephanie McMillan, cartoonist

“If this book doesn’t make you want to rage for justice, you might want to check your pulse. The people killing this planet for profit and greed will hate this book, all the more reason you need to read it.”
David Agranoff, author

Related Event: (which just so happens to be my birthday) at 7:00pm

Hope you’ll join me and/or spread the word. Thanks…


Another of my recent photos:

Looking out my window...


Poem: “haiku choice"

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