Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some good news

Posted by Mickey Z on 04/20 at 12:16 PM
  1. happy birthday to sorely missed James.

    Also, great with the grant.

    Posted by michael from not scotland  on  04/20  at  05:00 PM
  2. CONGRATULATIONS, MICKEY! You earned it !!!!!!!!!!

    Hi Michael and all…

    Mew (from yesterday) thoughts are with you and your Dad.

    Mickey...That Malcolm book has been on my list. It was recently discussed on C-span Book TV. It is a bit controversial and I really would like your thoughts. I am sure that it is a great book on one of our most inspirational historical figures.

    On the local front - a new improved much bigger food pantry is now set up. In the past the poor usually got only dented cans and rotting vegetables. While the ‘experts’ propagandize and blame the victim for the obesity epidemic, the solution is obvious. Allow everyone to have access to fresh organic produce. Problem solved!

    Posted by RMJ from Ward Churchill 4 Prez Hdqts  on  04/21  at  09:34 AM
  3. Thanks, Michael and RMJ.

    The Malcolm book is excellent so far.

    Posted by Mickey Z. from Astoria  on  04/21  at  01:11 PM
  4. I always get Malcolm X and Obama mixed up...yeah right!

    When the Cuban delegation to the UN was blocked from using many NYC Hotels (in ‘64 I believe) the Cubans finally found a willing Harlem. Fidel met X and they talked politics.

    Hmm, would Obama discuss politics with Fidel? Me thinks not.

    Would Obama let Hotel and airplane bomber Luis Posada Carriles, “The Bin Laden of the Western Hemisphere” live freely in the US?...Yes.
    What’s the murder of 74 people when you’re CV includes Fort Benning and the CIA.

    Captcha says Movement.

    Great news about the grant Mickey!

    Posted by Rick (the Cartoonist) from England  on  04/21  at  02:41 PM
  5. Grant!?! I always knew it was the wealth and power that motivated you Mickey.
    Rick, funnily enough the first last and only (auto)biography I’ve ever read was that Fidel one that came out a couple of years ago. I know pitifully little about X, I may give the Marable book a whirl.

    Posted by Mew from england  on  04/21  at  03:11 PM
  6. Malcolm Little became Malcolm X because slaves took on the last name of their “owners”, and keeping the last name of the family that bought your ancestors is a bit crazy.

    It reminds me of something I saw on TV when John McCain was running for President. They interviewed a Little people whose ancestors had been owned by McCain’s ancestors.

    Posted by Rick (the Cartoonist) from England  on  04/21  at  05:16 PM
  7. Hello Mickey...glad you got the Grant.

    I’ve been fuming over the global insanity, corruption in Maine, fracking for natural gas incidents in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. This fracking business is really challenging the fragility of the earth, water tables, along with bombing and whatever else the deciding maniacs are up to.

    A man from Arkansas told me they never had earthquakes or highwinds. He’s lived there since 1962. They just recently have gotten both frequently.

    Ecocide, genocide, deciders committing suicide and demanding we accompany them. Now that’s insanity.

    Posted by Joe of Maine from The Window  on  04/21  at  06:54 PM
  8. It’s great to see you getting some support from Puffin.

    Now, if those slackers at DN! will get off their duffs…

    Posted by Zen Prole from Pac NW  on  04/22  at  11:02 AM
  9. Captcha says “military”, always there.

    A comedian commented that there’s going to be an air force fly-past for the Royal Wedding.. jets on their way to bomb Libya.

    Libya has asked for an end to the bombing in return for elections and a new constitution in 6 months time. Ho���\��\l our “deciders” ignore that one! (very easily)

    P.S. #6 I meant a McCain family.

    Posted by Rick (the Cartoonist) from England  on  04/23  at  04:41 AM
  10. Thanks, all.

    Rick: I think the royals should get married in a jet that is dropping bombs on Libya. You know, keeping it real and all.

    Okay, I’m about to put up a new post in honor of the most holy day of easter.

    Posted by Mickey Z. from Astoria  on  04/23  at  05:54 AM
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